Eurocomp’s method


JETCLEANER – A single projectile is all it takes

The JETCLEANER system is built on the simple principle that a dry projectile is forced with approximately 115 psi (8 bar) of air pressure through a tube or pipe, removing the dirt and particles on the inside. Depending on the capacity of the air compressor, pipes and tubes with lengths of several hundred feet can be cleaned. The JETCLEANER systems documented efficiency is in accordance with the ISO 4406 and ISO 4407 cleanliness code of particulate contamination.

You can find our products everywhere

In the early years the JETCLEANER system was primarily used by pneumatic and hydraulic companies. But with the continued development and broader range of products, the method was quickly adopted by a variety of industries such as dairy plants, breweries, heating and sanitation, offshore, medical companies and nuclear power stations.

Choosing the right projectile

Depending on the characteristics of the pipe or tube you’re cleaning, picking the right projectile is vital for a good result. What are the dimensions, what kind of dirt are you removing, what material is the tube or pipe and how many bends does it have?

Eurocomp offers five types of projectiles in a variety of sizes and with different features. The soft and flexible projectiles absorbs the particles and wipes the tube clean, while the rugged projectiles grinds and scrapes the dirt away. If you’re using an abrasive or grinding projectile, we recommend that you finish with a soft projectile to clean up any remaining particles.

Guns and launching stations

Whether you need a permanent launching station for a production line, a durable gun for regular on-site maintenance or a lightweight gun in a mobile set for the occasional use, we’ve got you covered. Eurocomp has developed a wide selection of guns and launching stations to suit your every need.