Automated Projectile Controller

Built to your specifications

PLC controlled automatic station for companies with mass production of tubes and hoses. We build and equip the JETCLEANER 2500APC according to your specifications. Comes with a projectile feed, front firing system or a pistol. Can also be equipped with grippers for pipes and a spray function for external fluids such as degreasing, lubricating, corrosion protection etc.

Can be linked with the JETCLEANER Projectile Control-System

Technical specifications

Diameter projectile 10-38 mm
Firing speed 2 seconds (load-fire)
Air pressure timer 0.1 – 99 seconds via PLC
Projectile feed 50-500 projectiles depending on size
Working pressure Max 8 bar (minimum 6 bar).
Hose coupling Internal R1/2”
Voltage 110V or 230V (1 phase)
Weight 150 kg
Nozzles All Classic nozzles fits. For hoses 1/4"-1" and tubes 10×1.5-38×5