Eurocomp Jetcleaner 2000 SA


Easy to use PLC-controlled semi-automatic launch station

Suitable as a permanent cleaning station. Projectiles are loaded through the top tube and fired using a foot pedal or front firing. Can be used for extremely long hoses and tubes thanks to the adjustable air pressure time.

Can also be equipped with grippers for tubes (10-50 mm) and with a spray function of external fluids such as degreasing, lubricating, anti-rust etc.

Can be linked with the JETCLEANER JCPCU

Technical specifications

Diameter projectile 4–65 mm
Firing speed 3 seconds (load-fire)
Air pressure time 0.1 – 99 seconds via PLC
Working pressure Max 8 bar (minimum 6 bar)
Hose coupling Internal R1/2”
Voltage 110V or 230V (1 phase)
Weight 50 kg
Nozzles All Classic nozzles fits the 2000SA