About us

Eurocomp quality

Our goal is simple

Through the development of products with high technical and functional quality, it is our goal to be the best in the industry. With our extensive experience (longest in the world actually) and with fast and efficient personal service, we want to do the best to provide our customers with products and equipment for internal cleaning of hoses and tubing.

Eurocomp – The original

Eurocomp AB has operated since 1988 under the current owners and management. The company’s development has been characterized by a long and purposeful expansion based off of the foundation set by the innovative JETCLEANER system.

Back in the late 1970s Eddie Schef invented and marketed the first ever projectiles for internal cleaning of hoses and tubing. Today’s projectiles from Eurocomp is based on that research and experience, thus original to all subsequent types of cleaning projectiles on the market.

The JETCLEANER line of products consists of guns and projectiles for internal cleaning of pipes and tubing and has from the outset been developed and manufactured by Eurocomp in Avesta, Sweden. In recent years, Eurocomp AB has grown into an established company with a leading market position in its niche. The products have evolved from simple hand tools to semi-and fully automated machines and the projectiles from a single projectile back in the 70′s, to today’s five different multi purpose projectiles.

ISO cleanliness code

Today we can clean hoses and tubes in accordance with cleanliness code ISO 4406, ISO 4407 and ISO 15/13/10 depending on the number of projectiles used.

From Sweden to USA and Asia

Our customer base, which in the beginning consisted of a small number of Swedish companies, has over the years grown substantially. Today Eurocomp’s products can be found not only in Scandinavia and Europe, but also in the U.S. and Asia.

In the beginning Eurocomp’s primary customers was in the hydraulics industry. During the last decade however, other sectors and industries has discovered how they can benefit from the JETCLEANER method. These include offshore, forestry, steel, medical, construction machinery, truck, car and the aerospace industry.

In 2013 Eurocomp moved to new facilities and invested in new machinery which greatly increased our capacity to quickly and efficiently assist the markets increasing demand.

Eddie Schef
Eurocomp AB